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I was hanging out with one of my guy friends, Milo, and we saw my boyfriends friend and he told my boyfriend he saw me and Milo together and my boyfriend sent me a text like " honestly is it what I think it is" meaning he thought I was cheating on him with Milo. And all me and Milo were doing was going to play volleyball. Me and my boyfriend talked about it later and he said he had multiple reasons, but he was over thinking things that I didn't even notice I was doing, to think I was cheating. I have never even imagined cheating on him and would never. Should I be the "victim" in the situation because it did hurt my feelings or should I be at fault? He keeps saying sorry and stuff but I feel like it's partly my fault.


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  • When this type of situation happens to guys, most women will natually think that the guy is cheating without any explanation. If your boyfriend was hanging out with ANY woman and he didn't tell you about it, then someone else tells you they are walking together slow and alone, it wouldn't matter where they were going or what they were going to do. You will think he was cheating just because of the situation. Then if you had multiple reasons to think that he's cheating on you, would you even listen to what he had to say? So you are going to think about turning this around on him? It's not about who is the "victim" because feelings are hurt. All you have to do is explain that you are not cheating and tell him the truth. If he doesn't believe you then you will have more problems down the road. Put yourself in the situation before you start playing victim. When you hang out with guys be careful with what you do and how you act. Think about if he did the same thing with girls what would you think? Plus he said he was sorry, he's still with you, what more do you want?

  • you could at least tell him what you plan on doing especially if another guy is involved so he doesn't get so jealous the next need to look at it from another person's viewpoint, i.e. put yourself in his place and him going out and playing volleyball with another girl


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