Does my ex have an alternate motive?

My ex and I broke up Thursday - before we did we hooked up, I was crying but he wasn't too emotional. He said he really wants to be friends, he loves me and always has feelings for me, and still hold out hope for a romantic future even though it would never work. He was emotionally shut off though so I didn't believe him and he was in a rush to leave for reasons. I left a lot unsaid and we haven't talked and I missed a call from him today. He texted me a few hours later saying he found my earrings and he says I should pick them up.

Is he trying to find a way to see me? If he wanted nothing to do with me he could definitely just keep me thinking they were lost and not say anything and throw them away. Should I think anything? How can I test that he's doing this cause he misses me?


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  • Yes, he is trying to worm back into you and impregnate you. Don't go.

  • Yes always yes


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