How to patch up with a guy best friend?

I have a guy best friend with whom I had a big fight recently and he blocked me in whatsapp... We both are working in the same office but am little scared to talk to him because he has already told me he ll come back if he really feel like talking to me... Could you guys give me a suggestion?


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  • They say "time heal all wounds" just give him the space he needs, if he truly is your friend and cares about you he will come back around.
    When he feels he can face whatever happened between the two of you.

    • We were together for almost two years and I don't understand what went wrong... Sometimes I used to annoy him but I have sacrificed myself for his own happiness

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    • He is actually sick now so I kept some medicines, Chocolates and a sorry note under his office desktop...

    • There are chances for him to read that Tomorrow

  • let him come back when he really feels like talking to you. if you force anything, things will become more worst.


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