Was He ever in love with me?

I was in relationship around 7 months ago. We were together for 2-3 month. He told me he loved me so much and he want to spend his life with me, however when hid family was against me bcoz of the age and religion he offered me to stay best friends as we used to but still we ended up sticking together. We had wonderful time, driving in car, laughing, listening to music, kissing but I never found him beside me whenever I was feeling down and sad, once he even told me that if I stay like that he'll leave me and me loving him I pretended to be positive all the time. There was couple of times I've asked him to drop something hotel provided us like TV and he made a lie to get away and spend time with his friend, I tested him with phone credit card and he didn't get it for me even though he was coming to hang out...
I fed up from relationship I was in bcoz I been hurt and it was painful realization. Only then he started to fight for me even though he didn't do anything when all that happened. He tried to bring me back but no matter how I've missed him, loved him and how tough it was for me working wight him I did right decision.
Later on new girl started working with us and less then a month he fell for her and did everything for her. I've heard that they spend 24/7 together, they studied same university, on his day off from her words he came to work to pick her car to fix it and bring it back. He defends her so freaking much. He posted cute comments for her which he never did for me and his profile pic shows that he's extremely happy.
Do you think he ever loved me or it was all just a lie?


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  • yes he was in love with you but not more than his family

    • By his words when I left he fought with them and they finally wanted to meet and get to know me. question is why didn't he fight for me like that when we were together and I was crying to him? and things he do for this girl he didn't do for me. I was caring, loving, supportive, making sure he gets home safely, argued to fix his car belt.

    • its nice I think he would have change his and his family's mind

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