Love Triangle In College?

A girl who was already in a relationship fell for me and we both loved each other. Now beacuse of his boyfriend ( he doesn't know about us ) she says that we should separate but i can't stop thinking about her.. Does this happen when you give your best and even it isn't enough :(


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  • That's an awful situation to be in I'm so sorry. The best thing you can do for now though is to remove yourself from the situation. Do not contact and leave her alone. She'll make her decision about who she wants if you pull away. You'll know then whether she's the one for you or not.

    • Thankyou Shauna for your reply

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    • uve been really helpful

    • No problem! Good luck!

What Guys Said 1

  • Better to move on, if she cheated on him with you what's to say she won't cheat on you even if you get together.
    Its a rough spot, but remember its not like him or you is better he was just there first and they already built something together.

    • Thanks for your Reply mate
      I will keep ur suggestion in mind

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