Why are guys who do nothing to compensate for their appearance, or the bare minimum, always judging girls so harshly for theirs?

I have seen some of the UGLIEST or UNKEMPT dudes judging a girl because of her choice of socks and refusing to acknowledge anything else about her appearance that is probably amazing! It really irks me. Once a guy called a girl a butter face and he was also a butterface. It was funny but sad.


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  • We are just judged on how much we make, our hight,
    social statice,
    future prospects,
    where we live,
    level of education,
    social skills,
    how we measure up to the idealic dreams a pictular woman has spent a lifetime imagining and about ten thousand other things.
    You're only really judged on looks and personality. I wish I could be judged on these two things alone.

    • That is true but a lot of guys don't have they and still find the need the judge

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  • not all guys are same but I can understand some guys actually judge girl while they don't have the authority to do so but you just can't change the mentality of these type of guys

  • Guys overestimate their looks

    • Okay never thought of this but I realize if you're a guy and everyone tells you how handsome you look but you have a sister that is always being called a slut bc of the way she dresses or her shoes or the amount of makeup she wears that makes sense.

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  • because girls are being forced to become the ideal type of girl with an ideal body shape, when guys don't really have a certain way to look. blame society.

    • Yeah I used to talk to my guy friend about this and he's always say "well guys are pressured to have muscles and tall" and all that and I don't think it's the same because guys are also taught and raised to have more confidence in themselves without having to work for it. So yeah, you right.

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