How to use this application?

Hey everyone, I just made an account here and I've no idea about how to use it!
Can you tell about it? 🙄


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  • Go on a question, answer it with your own opinion. The more you answer, the higher your level gets. You can also increase your MHO (most helpful opinion) if people think your answer is the best to their question. It's a simple statistic really. You can also ask questions in the form of open words or polls. You can change the settings on questions to limit who can reply. You can create myTakes to share your opinion on a topic (but only on the desktop version, not the app). When you ask a question, you can choose a most helpful opinion. You can also update questions as people answer (desktop version only).


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  • you ask questions and get asnwers or share opinions, mytakes etc:


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