Can anyone please help me read my ex?

okay so its been like 6 months since my Ex and i broke up. we go t the same school whatever we fought about was petty and was probably cause i was unstable and had too much ego. pretty much completely blocked him. less than 2 weeks after our break up he dated another girl and they broke up within the next 2 weeks after which he was with 3/4 other girls and they were like probably all flings Anyway, its literally my last week of highschool he still has an year left so i was probably never gonna see him again, so i decided it fit to go and apologise to him for whatever happpened.. you know i kinda didn't wanna be guilty of not saying goodbye- You know that period of time after a break up you kinda start hating your ex partner.. yeah that was me for 4 months completely hated his guts thought about him every night eventually i got over him and feelings of hate disappeared but the ones of love still remained however i had healed so there is always a part of me that will love him. So i found him alone at the library with no one else there and found that the perfect opportunity to just get it over and done with. im sure he was suprised when i apolgised coz he was like 'why are you saying sorry? it was my fault too' and then i sat next to him and i explained to him that im no longer going to be around and stuff then i motivated him to study harder and we just ended up talking about finding the 'one' and being rich and all
he literally said 'i found her it didn't work out there's no point its all about sex and making out. ill just be that way. i didn't say anything to that.. and then he told me how his life has/had been for the couple of months the flings and girls he was with. i listened to him for the short amount of time i could because i had to head to class and he constantly throughout our conversation told me not to go for it. when it was time for me to go i told him one last bye and i literally saw him stare at my lips as he again told me to miss my class. still went away
Okay, are you fucking stupid whyd you leave to go to class
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he obviously still misses you
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you were stupid to let him go coz you were petty
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think you never left his heart
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He doesn't miss you
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he doesn't like you
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I don't know lol
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Can anyone please help me read my ex?
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