Why Does He Glance At Me A Lot (2)?

my ex broke up with me because we didn't talk as much anymore about a month ago. i was told that he still liked me after the relationship ended but now he is say he doesn't like me anymore. me and his cousin (they have those type of close and hang-out family relationships) are best friends, so we've seen each other outside of school multiple times. he was my first kiss, the first guy i've said "i love you too," and held hands with. i was told by his long-time best friend that i was the first girl that my ex truly, truly liked. he looks at me like he wants to say something. i catch him staring (not creepy) like he did before we got together. me and my best friend with a couple of others (and my ex) were walking after school. we went to mcdonald's and i caught him looking at me a lot. then we got to the park and he looked at me (and for a while at one point) while he was with his friends. we haven't talked at all since the break up. keep in mind that i still really really really really like him but i have no clue why he is doing this. (sorry for the long post😂)


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  • It's ok and your ex still loves you much like I still love the woman who broke my heart

  • Why do you care? He's an ex

  • talk to him say hi or how you've been


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