What are his intentions?

My boyfriend and I broke up about a week ago ( I left him) for good reasons. he's 35 I'm 38. We have been together just over 2 years. He left the state because he said it hurt too much. He was going to find love elsewhere and etc. (however I think that its an unhealthy way to deal with it). I heard from him daily until he got to his destination. I know i hurt him but I had to leave him because of something he did. However today, i get a random email asking if I've ever really loved him. Well of course I did, otherwise I would have not invested so much into the relationship for so long. I know he is hanging out with other girls and drinking. What are his intentions of sending that and then dissappearing?


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  • Why do you care? He's out of your life like you wanted

    • I didn't have a choice when he was drinking everyday and interfering with his life. I guess I was wondering why he is reaching out and asking. Thanks for your reply.

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    • I understand. It was what was best for me. And I need to love myself now and show the same love I was giving to him to myself.

    • Things were never going to change

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  • Dump him he's moving on

  • I think he's likely still bitter and not really over you, yet. If you answered honestly and made it clear you're still happy with the breakup, you've done all you can.

    He'll have to come to terms eventually, but it's clear he's not over you yet.

    • Thank you. I'm trying to avoid all contact to let me heal for the better. It was not easy for me to break up with him like he prob thinks. It was forced, really. I have too many chances and forgave over and over. This was for me. Happy about the beak up, maybe not. I'm just in the healing process and it's just as hard for the dumper.

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