Girls, Why would ex who broke up with me block me on instagram when I treated her well and didn't bother her or anything after the break up?

treated her really wel, she said we had a great time together, but she wasn't feeling romantic anymore.
  • She's trying to move on because she still cares
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  • She's moved on
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What Girls Said 3

  • many people are uncomfortable around their exes, no matter how they broke up. just the fact that they were intimate with someone they don't want to be intimate with anymore can be very uncomfortable.

  • Honestly that just may be her way of moving on just maybe she doesn't want to see you or anything cause maybe it makes her sad like seeing your instagram just it's weird but some girls move on better when they literally have no more connection to the guy they were with cause it hurts but not to say you weren't a good boyfriend it just maybe how she's dealing with it...

  • She's moving on. Don't waste brain power on an ex. You need to move on as well.


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