Why is it so hard for some people to tell difference between LOVE & LUST?

I'm not here to judge, I just want to UNDERSTAND as I've seen lots end up broken due to my above question.


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  • I guess people mistake the attraction aspect of lust and love? In a sense, you have to lust for someone to love them, but don't have to love them to lust for them. Although, I'm sure people may think otherwise about that. But I do think it's really down to how the attraction makes them feel, confusing a purely physical attraction for just being in love with the person.

    • hmm? love last longer than list, dnt i think?

    • hmm? love last longer than list, dnt u* think?

    • Well, if you love someone, it can be said you can also lust for them too (sexual intimacy). In terms of people confusing the two, if they confuse it then they confuse it. It doesn't matter what you and I think.

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  • love is more when people want to just be with each other's presence and don't care too much on the next move


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  • Brain chemicals released when you orgasm. Oxytocin is released and than bam you associate that good feeling high with that person.

    • but with all that going on, a person can still see changes as falling too fast over nothing and making it big deal, right?

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    • Also, having an orgasm is harder for women so when a man can make you orgasm like 5 times in 20min, you fall quickly. Some dudes got it and most dudes don't.

    • lol nah blaming chemical over lust and love is like saying anything chemically is good i. e. drugs... if u follow.

      and not every women are emotional unstable (that's misguided for the most part from guys tbh)

  • not to sure as sometimes they get confused on what they really want and need and think its one in the same


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