How to get my ex girlfriend back?

She broke up with me 3 months ago. We were so happy and loved each other. We cared about each other even before we started dating. Now she won't even talk to me. We were so close. She deleted me off everything except Facebook and she still has pictures of us on Facebook. I joked about marriage and our future and I now look back at it and I know I should of never done that. She is 3 years younger than me. She loved me for me and she didn't care I have autism. I loved her for her and I never loved a girl the way I loved her. It was our first relationships. I am hoping she still likes me and still wants to be with me but she doesn't know right now. Is there a way i can get her back?


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  • If you love her set her free. If she ran away she wasn't worth keeping no matter how good you were in the past. Try to move on.. I know it can be tough... I hate the talk of karma nonsense but I have an ex who messed me around when I was totally into her... she is now with kids and very unhappy with older man... moral is be careful what you wish for in this life. Maybe you will get it

  • No. If you really love her you'll respect her decision and move on.


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