Girls, my ex tells me "I'm in a relationship". Why should I know?

My childs mother decides to mention she's in a relationship.

-Haven't spoke to her in months.
-No social media connection.
-Daughter is supported.
-Moved on.
:Hmmm, why should I know this?

;She text "I need to tell you something.
We talk on the phone and she doesn't want to tell me, but she eventually says this.
Tell me what do you think about this.


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  • As a child of divorce, I'll give you my best opinion.
    Bescause she is your child, your ex probably wants you to be aware of the men she may bring around the house, for many reasons.
    1. Emotional.
    Your daughter may be uncomfortable seeing different or new men around her mum that aren't you, her father.
    2. In case you found out some other way, and maybe you did care, although it seems like you don't.
    3. Legal.
    Had she been hiding this from you, legal action probably could have been taken against her because she should disclose information to you concerning your daughter.

    All relationships concerning children are different, so I apologize if this doesn't help, but I don't know your situation legally, therefore my answers may not apply

    • She's been active with guys, Its just different now.

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    • It's complicated. But I love him. What's important is that even though he was out of the county, he called every day, and visited amidst every month. Never missing a birthday

    • Thats whats up, this I'll keep in mind.

What Guys Said 2

  • It's a good idea to at least meet the guy. You have a daughter. He has to know that you'll come for his head if he ever abuses her.

  • Maybe a stepdad could enter the equation


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