The guy I'm talking to says?

He wants me to go see him but it was too late, but later I changed my mind and decided to go, but first I was going to let him know and when I did he says he left with his boys. I tell him to come pick me up and he says no and I told him I would be with him and all he said was "We don`t pick up girls I've told you 100 times" and I said OKAY AND I'VE TOLD YOU 100 TIMES WHY NOT? And all he said was that's how we are and then he said we like meeting new girls when we go out...Please someone help me understand this behavior and why Is he this way? I really hate it and it hurts me cause I have feelings for him what can I do?


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  • kind of sounds like he's trying to sucker you in so you can be used. why else would a guy go from wanting to see u, to 5 minutes later, completely blowing you off, and being bitter about it. don't put up with that. you deserve better.


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  • You declined his offer, he left. Situation done.

    If he was originally offering to take you with him (aka "to pick you up") then that was with the first offer of coming out. After you changed your mind, he had already left. At that point it's up to him on whether or not he wants to pick you up.

    A better alternative than telling someone to pick you up, is to simply ask: "I changed my mind about hanging out, are you guys still in the neighbor where I could catch a ride?" BUT always have a backup plan.

    So basically, as much as it "hurts your feelings" there's nothing that should be changed about the situation. Assuming that he's gonna offer a thousand times until you say yes; while he waits at your front porch with a golden chariot - isn't going to happen. You'd be much better off learning to be independent.

    - You have two legs, there are taxi's and buses, maybe invite a friend to join you on the adventure, etc etc etc

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Trust me he wasn`t going to take me with him and his boys if I were there he would just stay with me and chill for a while..And Have a car that is the one that moves me around I was gonna go but to late w.e.

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    • Sorry let me refrase the last sentence I ment to say I have a car that is the one that moves me that's how I go see him, But whatever to late I know I tryed to go. Hmm you know i`ve thought of that which you say and my answer to that is that sadly the one I have feelings for is that douschebag as you say and I can't tell my heart not to and yes I know I deserve better but my heart choose him and right now I don`t feel like giving up on him. Hey but thanks :)

    • I can completely relate - but my rebutle is this:

      - Why worry/fear/hurt/etc (whatever you want to call a negative emotion), because of him? especially when you already know he's a douchebag? (That makes no sense.. Basically: "Why hurt over something, because of him, when you already know he's a dousche")?

      You're just lining yourself up for years of pain and struggle. Only to realise that there are other people you'll love in this world. It's just personal choice really.

  • Make up your mind the first time he asks. You do realize that there are billions of people on earth, and half of them are women, right? He is of the age where he wants to do stuff. He must like you because he asked if you wanted to hang out, you said no, so he made other plans with his guy friends, and they do what they do. This would have been avoided if you had said, "sure lets hang out" the first time. If I were him, and I just got rejected, you better believe I would go out and look for someone who actually wants to hang out sometimes.

    • Sweety I didn't want to reject him but come on at 1am your gonna tell me to hang out on a week day and I did want to go really badly...but then I was gonna go and he had left and I never ever reject him this was the first time nd it was just cause it was too late he's usually the one that rejects me and I never do what your last sentence said I actually get really sad or start crying.

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    • I had an encounter with a realtor who was in her twenties who pulled that one on me ; It was 2am and all she wanted was to get laid. I had to pass since I was working a morning shift the next day. It is too bad I couldn't call in sick to anyone at 2am.

    • Thanks you understand and I work too imagine I would have loved to go but dam after I actually decided I was gonna go he had left with his buddys.

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