Ex is ignoring me after I sent him sweet message?

Me and my ex broke up a few days ago - before we did we hooked up and he said he'll always love me, wants to be friends, and still holds out some hope but he left quickly. The next day he called me and said he "has one of my earrings" and we planned to meet up today so I could get it back. I told him I left things unsaid last time I saw him and sent him a long message saying I'm sorry if I caused him pain, it was great to see him again, and that it was a blessing to know him - it was a sweet message and he saw it but has not said a word to me for days which I find offensive. He'd usually like something like that, or would be the one sending it himself so it's not like him to not respond. Anyway, I'm hurt and have the impression he doesn't care at all/stopped caring so I don't know if I should remove him from facebook and block him everywhere so I can move on and have no thought of 'when will he message me'.

What should I do?
+1 y
I am really not trying to get him back at all --- I do still feel for him and I was genuinely trying to say Im' sorry and end things on a sweet, loving note by sending him that message so I left nothing unsaid. But I am still offended he'd say nothing to me and definitely very confused - I do still care.
Ex is ignoring me after I sent him sweet message?
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