How to get over depression of a failed 11 month relationship?

So I have dated my (now ex) girlfriend for 11 months. Im 20, she's 23. (we met at work). She was my first girlfriend.

Ever since we started dating, I always felt like I really didn't want to date anymore. I just always had this guilty feeling of wasting her time, and I always kept thinking its because I've never had a girlfriend before, and this was just a change in my life. I never cheated on her, and I always was there for her. She kind of has this needy-ness, that she is aware of, where if I dont reply within a certain time she'll get extremely mad at me, especially when I'm trying to relax or to do work.

So overtime it just grinded down on me enough that I told her I didn't want a relationship anymore. Obviously no one was happy at this moment of break up (like 2 weeks ago from this post date). I have felt a lot more relieved, but I honestly feel terrible about the whole thing. I broke up with her over text (YES. I know I was wrong in doing that, but I just couldn't do it.. it was hard enough for me to break up with her at all, for fear of loneliness)

I feel like an A-hole. But I never felt truly happy with her, as she did me... I really just don't even know how to patch this hole.
How to get over depression of a failed 11 month relationship?
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