My girlfriend broke up with me cause she said "I lied about going to sleep". Am I at fault here? Will she come back after a while?

She broke up with me today after getting back together the day before.

Me and my buddies were chilling at his house for the night and I told her I was going to sleep.

I was telling my girlfriend I was taking my friend to this girls house then come back to my friends and go to sleep. She called me a lier and a cheater. I was only taking him and then coming back cause I was tired.

We ending up not going and I told her and said to her I was going to sleep. Told her goodnight and everything.

After a while, I of trying to go to sleep I couldn't cause they had the TV so load watching the NBA game so I got up and watched.

We all got hungry and went to get food from Mcdonals and DaryQueen.

She text me after we got back and I told her she woke me up cause of the spam.

I lied that time but I did tell her, I didn't go to sleep.
I told her that there TV was load and everything so I stayed up and went to get food.

She didn'r replay so I left her alone cause she said to me, if she's mad leave her alone cause it will make things worse. I went to sleep and woke up and called her and she told me, that I was a lier.

I thought she was mad and so I left her alone.

3 hours later I called her and ask her whats going on and she tells me I lied about going to sleep and getting food. But I didn't. She said she was breaking up with me cause I was a lier.

Am I in the wrong? Should I say sorry to her and get her back? She won't respond to any of my text or calls so if she comes back later. Should I tell her to leave me alone or apologize?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Be happy she broke up with you. This is too small and insignificant to be break up with someone. She sounds like a child. Don't even put up with that nonsense. She'll be calling you back. She enjoys drama and she's seeing if you chase her and I wouldn't. Be do me with that shit.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Dont even call her, ignore her. All this drama isn't worth it.
    She doesn't even love u, she loves the power she has over you. And she expects u to call and try to fix things.
    Watch, when u dont call her or anything, she will call you. Just watch.

    My advise, dont go back to that. But I know u will 😕


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What Girls Said 2

  • Do you really want to go back to that?

    • He might want to go back to mcdonalds, yes.

    • I don't know what I want to do. I did nothing wrong and it seems like we always fight about something. We break up and get back to gether and I'm tired of that.

      But I want to move on and find someone else.

    • That sounds like a good decision :)

  • she sounds too dramatic, just leave her alone


What Guys Said 2

  • Nah I'd let her go she sounds kinda crazy trying to keep tabs on everything you do. Prolly shouldn't have lied but it wasn't anything important so sounds like she's overreacting to me

  • Yes you are in the wrong since you lied. No you shouldn't get back with her, let her get with a honest person.


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