Explain her logic please?

So my girlfriend, well ex girlfriend lives with me and she broke up with me and said she needed a break. So what she does is texts her exs, face times them and have them over my house right in front of me, but everytime I get a message or a phone call she gets pissed off and flips the fuck out like she is the only one that has friends. It bugs me because she feels like she doesn't do anything wrong, and I'm supposed to just be okay with how she try's to rub things in my face all the time. Is she doing this because she actually really loves me like she used to or is she jut trying to control me and take advantage of me.


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  • I'm just gonna throw this out there... regardless of her reasoning do you really want to be with someone who acts like that? If your answer is yes it sounds to me like she is flippant and can't make up her mind about what she wants or just says and does things out of frustration and doesn't know how to just apologize or she is trying to make you come to her.

    Regardless she sounds immature. Ain't nobody got time for that.


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  • take advantage of you and manipulate her. set her straight... especially if she is your ex girlfriend... if that was me, id tell her she can facetime with her ex outside my place, if not, accept to shut up when you get a call or text from someone.


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  • she's trying to control you, first off who's house is it?

    • It's my house but she feels like she can do whatever because she has paid the rent in full for the last two months

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