Moving on with your LIFE?

How are you supposed to learn how to be alone IF you hate being alone. Any suggestions? I have been trying to keep myself busy AKA do yoga, etc.

On another note: My EX boyfriend was horrible therefore, we had to break up. The relationship was really verbally and physically abusive. I'm really trying to work on myself (MOVE ON). This is hard considering, he broke me. I have no self confidence now, I feel ugly, worthless, etc.

Any suggestions for:

- How to keep yourself busy without being depressed?
- Learning how to feel worthy again, pretty, etc.


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What Guys Said 2

  • gather everything you hate about being with someone and feed off from that, that'll make you want to live by yourself

  • Start fucking other guys !!

    Day # 2 you won't feel this way


What Girls Said 1

  • Start reading books... Go for classes and start having friends and hangout with them.. Life is too short for one guy and his yes... Keep going girl


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