Mutual breakups?

Just had my first mutual break up, well, at least no true hard feelings, screaming, etc. We realized we're both strong people who don't back down. We agreed to one last night together before break up, just us in bed it was fun, felt like when we started. Lots of mutual physical attraction and such a good vibe. Figure'd we would just stop talking but she text me shortly after leaving saying "this situation f-ing sucks between us" "gonna miss you so much" "really didn't want to lose me or break up" "wishes it wasn't like this". She said I can contact her if I need to or want to talk because she cares so much and she's there for me if I need anything. She invited me up to hang out with her in a few weeks and go hiking like we planned awhile ago. I'd like to go because I still love her, but never done anything like this. I don't have a bad word to say about her and she said "you're an incredible person with only positive things to say and I (she) cherish the time we spend together, and felt good sore today as a reminder of you (me). Thanks


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  • Hey man, I am just giving you a heads up that I am about to be brutally honest with you... So don't get all pissed off at me... I could go into great detail about why I am saying what I'm about to say... but I will spare you the gritty details for now. I have been in your exact situation before... I lived it... I made the stupid mistakes... So you just have to trust me when I say that... It's OVER with her. Do yourself a huge favor now and just move on... Even though it fucking sucks and sometimes it really fucking hurts, you need to just move on... Don't text her, don't check her social media, don't call her, and whatever you do, DO NOT under ANY circumstances, go and hang out with her again! I really need you to trust me on this, please, spare yourself any further heartbreak... mourn your loss for a few days, then go out, get drunk or whatever, and fuck the first chick that lets you... and you will be totally fine... ok? I survived my eerily similar experience and now I am 30 years old, happily married to the most amazing woman in the world and I have a son on the way... Anyway, Shoot me a message if you want me to further explain in detail why I am telling you to do it this way... I'm here for you bro... Stay strong and don't give into her bullshit...

    • I can't message you on here but I would like details. Thank you for your help.

    • I'm trusting you by how you described surving an eerily similar experience. I don't want more hurt but I love her. It's the first girl I've loved.

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