Pretty rich successful girl and lowlife guy?

So i come from money have a college education (Bach and masters) just opened my own business , I come from money and I pretty much have all the material things I've ever wanted. But one thing , love. The love of my life is a lowlife druggy living paycheck to paycheck using it on drugs and alcohol and really not doing anything with his life. He just has a HS education. His friends are the same as him. Long story short we met when we were both 18 and 24 now. It's been a roller coaster for all these years with us and over the weekend he cut it off. I asked "was I not good enough?" And he said "thats the problem, you're good enough just not good enough for me. You need to stop wasting your time on me and guys like me."

How would you interpret these words?
Pretty rich successful girl and lowlife guy?
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