Broke up with a girl who knew she was wrong and didn't fight to keep me?

Was dating a girl and we always have a great time. Always saying sweet things to each other. Great all around connections. Really attracted to each other. Won't get into details but she was really starting to get to me in certain ways. I spoke to her about it and she did them anyway. Simple stupid things. I out of nowhere broke it off. She said he understood and took full responsibility for everything. Said I deserve to be treated better and how great I am. Why didn't she fight to keep me? Or was that her way of sucking me back in? I feel like maybe she was embarrassed. She did do a couple of really stupid things that hurt and I called her out on them. I never made her mad. Not once. She always fucked up. So why not fight to keep me?


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  • What do you expect from her seriously? You asked for a break up and she felt like it was the best thing for both of you. So basically now you regret breaking up with her or what?

  • Just curious, but why do you want her to fight for you if you broke up with her? If a guy breaks up with me, I'm not the type to beg him to stay so maybe she is the same way.

    • I guess I shouldn't have expected her to. I just don't understand why let someone good go because she fucked up.

    • If I know I lost a good guy it definitely crushes me, but I don't fight for the relationship because I don't want to look desperate and depending on her self-esteem she might genuinely feel you are better off without her and therefore doesn't want to drag you down.

    • I think it's a self esteem thing more than anything. Nobody wants to lose a good person in their life just for being wrong.

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