Does anyone else feel that heartbreak or getting your feelings hurt in general makes you feel alive?

I'm a pretty even natured person. I've dealt with depression for years now and for some reason the end of a relationship (romantic or platonic) makes me feel alive and rejuvenated. Like yes I'm sad. But I welcome any emotion I'm able to feel when I'm able to feel it. Anyone else?


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  • I think i understand how you feel. I've recently been through a break up last week. I was really sad, I still am, but part of me feels as if I've been reborn. Like I need to do better for myself, and work on myself, and learn all these new skills and just live life to the fullest.


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  • YES, I'M SO THANFUL SOMEONE ELSE FEELS THIS. i've got depression, and for me it hits as numbness. and honestly the end of a relationship is one of the things that just kinda shakes you up just enough to feel alive. or course you are sad that it's over, but it also makes you feel so free and alive and ahhhh. i know what you mean.


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