Would you tell your friends about a serious depression problem?

I have my friends who I know will always have my back, however sometimes in this life lonliness in inevitable. This is an ongoing problem i've had my entire life that no one knows about since I act like I'm fine. I'm almost positive my girlfriend left me because I finally opened up to her about it. I think I feel like have a serious mental issue thats making me lose a desire to live sometimes. If she left me how do I know everyone won't just do the same? I've just about had it with everything.


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  • please talk to someone!! depression is something you can work on and it helps by letting people in. it sucks and some will leave you because they don't know how to handle it, but you'll meet others who have also struggled and help build you up in the process

    • I just dont think I can, people dont look at you the same as they once did. As I said my girlfriend left me and she told me a couple of times that she was contemplating suicide. I was there for her every time, while maintaining my own problems in silence. The moment I open up she is no where to be found. I refuse to trust anyone again to avoid this type of pain.

    • she clearly wasn't good for you though.. there are people out there who care for you and would help if you let them in

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