Girls, why does she do these things?

Woman who works at the gym I train at sometimes spends the last of her work sitting at reception with her friend. When I first saw her she looked hot so I instinctively looked whilst talking to the receptionist. Then after she always goes to do her workout. I noticed that we always glance at each other however she started smiling to herself and glancing whenever I would walk in. So we never spoke for months just glanced. Then after a few months I was telling my friend about her and he was asking who I was on about then I turned to my right and she was looking at me. Unsure if she knew I was talking about her at all. But the glancing kept going on but not as much. so then I told my friend who I work out with that I may not be going for a while and she was working out with her friend and she asked if i was using a bar for the lay pull down I. Said no n that she could take it. So I asked if she finished with the machine she politely said no. That's when I told my friend to bring g the wider bar as the one she used previously isn't wide enough and the result is better by holdi g it as wide as possible. So then she finished and we looked at each other again as she was walking out. But then the next time she was holding g the bar wider etc. I walked past her smiling because a lady made me laugh and she looked at me and looked away quickly thinking I'm laughing at her? So basically I'm kind of confused as to why she does these things , most other girls just get on with they're routine and that's that. Why she do what she do?


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  • She is checking you out; all the glances and smiles, thats what it is. Maybe its a bit of interest on her part but you would never really know for sure until you talk to her.


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