How to get my pregnant ex girlfriend back after 4 months?

Hi guys just need a bit of advice I got with my ex July last year and everything was perfect couldn't have had a better relationship together she already had a little baby girl from previous relationship and I took her on as my own and loved the pair of them to bits and then towards end of last year we found out she was pregnant and were over the moon then we moved in together and was still perfect and then January this year I proposed to her day after her birthday and she said yes it was perfect then 2 weeks after that she said she didn't want to be together and her feelings had changed it broke my heart because I had my little family with her and am so in love with her and it's just still really hard now 4 months on because still have to see her and speak to her because she's carrying my baby and we have times we get on really well and then other really bad times she knows I still want her back and still love her I just really hope it's not to late to try and save our relationship some how because she is the love of my life the only bit of hope I have is when our baby is here is that she will need me most then to help her look after both kids just need some help guys don't want to lose her forever hope I can save it some how


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  • I say that she has issues, and you should have thought about this before ever considering a relationship with her and sleeping with. You can't fix this. You can only help raise your child and that's it. I'm sorry. But people like her is unstable. next time, please wait til marriage for sex, so you won't end up with girls who aren't ready to be women, let alone a wife. Raising children out of wedlock is hard enough.


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