She threatened to call the cops, file harassment against me?

OK, so my ex & I have been broken up since Feb, but we kind of just drifted apart after she left the job we worked together at. We often fought but always got back together, like over 30x for real. This last time was a doozy tho. We had not been talking much anymore or seeing much of each other. I did say something mean to her cuz she had lied to me & told me she was seeing somebody else & she got so mad at what I said to her that she threatened to call the cops if I contacted her. So, I didn't contact her. A WK later, I got an email from her, cuz she had blocked me from her phone. She apologized & I did too. She unblocked me ftom her phone. She told me she wants to see me but didn't make plans, so I texted her almost a WK later & had a brief but seemingly pleasant text conversation with her. The next day when we were in the middle of a normal conversation, she blocked me on her phone again. I emailed her & asked if she blocked me & she lied & said her roommate did. I told her not to contact me anymore then & was done with her BS. She replied by sending me the nastiest email I have ever read, telling me she Hates me, Never loved me, Was trying to make up for my Pathetic life, that the Sex was Horrible & that's why she never wanted it with me & a few other nasty items, followed by telling me to NEVER contact her again, or she is calling the cops & filing harassment charges against me. Today is 11 days & I haven't said a word to her, but told a friend I would like to snap her neck. What would possess someone to say/do these things to somebody, for apparently barely any reason?


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  • You cannot explain crazy. Unless you really want your life to be a combination of "Jerry Springer" and a circus, I highly recommend you let this one go. You may have history, but sometimes the best option is to get rid of toxic waste. Get rid of the waste. It's going to hurt, but you'll feel better afterwards.


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