Can't get my Engagement ring back?

My girlfriend broke up with me. She the apartment on a Tuesday and got married with her ex on a Friday in the same week. She called saying she misses the memories. I asked for my engagement ring back but she won't give it back. I keep remaining her she's married to another man so why is she keeping the ring. She keeps saying she won't give it back because is her ring. She won't give it back I have beg her and nothing.


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  • You can sue her

    • yeah I'd get a lawyer and have them send them a letter of your intent to go to court. most people would just give in from that to avoid legal trouble

    • @bsuguy20 Or you can go to small claims court and not pay a lawyer at all.

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  • Unfortunately it's her choice. You gave it to her of your own free will, it was a gift. Even though it was a gift with purpose there was no contract attached. Engagement is not legally enforceable. I agree that she should give it back but you can't force her too. It's up to her own discretion.


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  • This is textbook law that states if the man purchased the ring then you are entitled to the ring. No it does not count as a gift but more of a symbol of the engagement between you two and since you are not getting married then you can ask for it back.

  • agree with Basic flake , also you should test her love for you and see where her head is at (either on material or gesture) and gave her a cracker jack ring and see if she would appreciated it.. lol


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