He claims to be in love with me, but he broke up with me. I'm confused. and I just want him back.

I don't understand. and neither does he. he broke up with me but kept telling me that we'd get married and that he's in love with me(during the break up)

i think he's afraid of commitment. cause we're still young. but I mean. we're young. he doesn't have a lot to commit to. I don't ask much of him.

but I love him too. I know he's my soul mate. and I just. I don't know how to handle this. he's asking me to see him all the time and hang out with him and be his friend and just ignore the fact that I'm in love with him. and that he claims to be in love with me but just pushes me away cause he's scared.

what do I do.


there has to be a way to pull him back if he obviously still has feelings for me.

please help me.


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  • well if he's broken up with you like that, and insists that he say all that stuff about yur future with him, then its hard to take him seriously. regardless of what's going on, you need to back off of him for awhile. it will give you time to recover from what he's doing to u, and at the same time, it might make him miss you enough for you to get yur wish and have him come right back to u. I think its at least worth a shot.

    • Thanks. I kind of have shut him out a bit. it's only been like. two days. but he called me yesterday and started talking about how he dropped his phone in water but not for me to worry cause he would get a new one today. and how he works till 8 today and how we could maybe hang out. HE ASKED ME TO A MOVIE. and I declined. like. I don't understand.. you wouldn't do that if you're trying to get space. I think he's really confused. maybe I should just let him get it out of his system...

  • im going through the same thign except I feel that way towards my girlfriend and I'm thinking of breaking up with her its just that sometimes I think there's things that you need to mature and that only happens with time

    • Could you elaborate? I'm really trying to understand him. it's not like he wants to break up and not see me for awhile. I haven't seen him since but he's called me since and wanted to see me but we've just had scheduling conflicts. He still wants me as an active day to day best friend. but he's also in love with me. and to me that just doesn't make sense. to have someone you love around you knowing very well that they love you back and to not act on it or do anything. to not embrace them...

    • Maybe he wans something from you that your not ready to give away yet snd he doesn't want you to feel pressured

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