To be friends or Not to be friends?

Can you be close friends with the opposite sex? Would you have an issue with your partner being close friends with the opposite sex?


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  • You can absolutely be friends with the opposite sex, approximately half of my friends are female.
    I'd almost have more of an issue with my partner *not* having friends of the opposite sex.

  • One can be friends but jealousy factor causes trouble in relation

  • I have several close friends who are women, and as long as it's clear that you're "just friends'" to both parties, it works out. I've been in a relationship in which my girlfriend (now ex) tried to tell me which of this female friends I had to cut off a friendship with and which ones I could still talk to. Instead of it coming across as nice that she wanted me all to herself, it came across as her controlling me and not trusting me. If you or your bf/gf tries to tell you who you can or cannot be friends with simply because of that person's gender, then they don't deserve to be your gf/bf.


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