I'm offended - should I stop talking to him?

My ex and I broke up but hung out as friends a few days after. He was crying because his friends have been ignoring him for months, and they made plans at a bar and stood him up so he was alone all night until I came. I drove him to go confront them, hugged him when he cried, and he kissed me saying he loved me. At the end of the night he talked to his friends about ignoring him, they said they will talk in the morning about it and he can stay at their house. I tried telling him it doesn't make sense to hang out with people who blatantly ignore you and told him I was a bit upset because I'm the only friend who is really there for him and he blew me off to go hang with people who ignore him, when I would never do that. He was very appreciative and thanked me many times and again said he loved me before he left.

I was hurt that he left to go hang with friends and probably get fucked up with them when I'm the only friend who would ever hold him while he cried or really be there for him when he needs it. I feel completely taken for granted. Should I stop talking to him/not even be his friend cause he can't appreciate me at all? Obviously his friends who ignored him for months mean more to him?


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  • he is going to do what he want. and I think it's stupid he going back to them.
    but I got to say, yes he has taken advantage of you a lot. and I suggest for you to move on. but if you can't move on then do the same thing to home. if he ever needs help don't fly to the rescue. wait and say I'm busy or something and keep doing that until he realizes that. oh shit I miss her, she was the one really only there for me, and come to you later apologizing. and if he can't open his eyes and see that. then leave him and don't waste your time on him because he is going to hurt you more and not care. because he know you fly to the rescue.
    hope it helps


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  • Hey you won the custody battle over mutual friends and got rid of a guy with image and confidence issues. Sounds like a win win to me.

  • Don't waste your time on him, if he doesn't listen to you, you can't really do much

    • +1. Apparently he is more forward on his friends issue, and missing the value of the one being there. I would make him clear once, how the picture looks like, and if he is too much captivated with his friends, clearly letting him know, you will only be there to do friend activities, and not elaborating on what is not physically there. Just drop the topic when it comes up, being firm that you have come to have a good time with those who are present... and he should do the same. I hope it will get it through to him

  • walk away..


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