Girls, Girls are these disinterest signs?

Girl whom works out at my gym who I thought was hot just started again. So we would always glance but never say anything. Unless I'd ask her if she was using something. So it was just glancing all the time and she would always walk past me with her friend and try not to smile to herself if I'm looking. Then if I leave early she stares. So months after she started again and she went to fill up on water I let her go first because my bottle is huge and takes a while to fill. Which she seemed nice and smiley etc. Then she came up to me and asked if o was using these Dumbells. So basically why was she walking past trying not to smile not talking. Now she seems to loosen up and ask if I'm using things?


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  • I don't think they're interest or disinterest. She being polite and doing her thing, and you're looking for something she isn't really displaying (trying not to smile? Really?)
    There isn't enough info to base anything on

    • Yea trying not to smile as in smiling to herself when I walk past

    • No dude, that's not a signal

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