How can I get my ex girlfriend back?

we had breakup and she ignore me a but i want her back


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  • We tend to want people who aren't interested in us so maybe act like you've moved on. I wouldn't be interested in someone needy. No idea why

    • May is ask you if you have any Idea why this is? because a girl liked me for a long period and i started to like her to, and after no time she tried to kiss me, it went to fast for me, so i was like, sorry its going too fast for me, and then she Just started ignoring me and said she didn't like me anymore

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    • 2 months later she told me she just doesn't know of she loves me and has to think, do i still have a chance?

    • or should i indeed move on?

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  • Break into her house and threaten her dog. Or cat. If neither are present, bird. Bitches always have one of three.


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  • Move on pathetic fuck. Don't let a person control you that much. You're also most likely annoying her


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