It's been 11 months now since my breakup, but still I'm not able to move on. All I can think of is her. What should I do?


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  • I went through my first break up 6 months ago and I still think about him every single day and love him more than anything, so I know where you're coming from. I hate to give the cliche advice... but it really does take time. You need to take the time to explore what you want to do with your life. This is "you" time. You will eventually get back on track and things will be okay. Try your best not to associate yourself with the person, because that will just lead to more difficulty on getting over her.


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  • Wow dude 11 months? That's a long time. Sounds like she means a lot to you. You need to accept that both of you aren't for each other. There is a reason why you guys broke up. I'm sure there is someone better coming. Just give yourself some space and time to heal.

    If you really feel like you can't handle it anymore, why don't you try and contact her? Nothing wrong with that.

    • We were best friends at first. But then we developed love for each other. We're perfect together, but her father doesn't approve of me.
      So we had to split up after 6 years of being together.
      It's extremely hard to forget her. I've tried talking to her again many a times but with no luck. She respects her father's decision more than she wants to be with me. I don't blame her but it's heartbreaking :(

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    • I totally agree. I felt like shit when she didn't take her stand in front of her dad for me. She's a beautiful person otherwise. We had a beautiful relationship, and it's very hard to let go. But I have no other option to let go now.

      I really wish the best from the depths of my heart for you. I hope your parents accept your relationship as it is and everything works out great 😊😊😊☺️

    • but* to let go now

  • Make 3 lists...
    1) what you want in a partner... physical, mental, status, etc.
    2) what was good about the relationship with her...
    3) what wasn't good about the relationship her...

    Think about where the line was drawn either from her end or yours... ultimately something didn't go right. If it was meant to be you'd still be together. Give it time, you will heal. I promise. Just focus on you and being you :)

    • Thanks for your advice 😊
      I explained my story to desidoll below. You can read if you like :)
      Just to keep it short for you, me and partner are compatiable, we're still in love with each other and we had a beautiful relationship with no complaints or regrets on either side. We have a good understanding and we used to discuss our issues and didn't hold back the anger. It was all perfect.
      But all the problem is her dad, he wouldn't let us stay together and she wouldn't fight for our relationship.

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    • You will feel better give it time. She'll always have a part of your heart, but if she doesn't fight for you know she won't later on either

    • Thank you so much for your advice, really appreciate it 😊😊😊

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