Is this a good plan to get her back?

I'm 17 and I consider myself pretty mature for my age, and she just turned 16 and she is inexperienced and has a bad past with other guys. We where really good friends and she admitted to liking me and we even started making future plans with each other. I asked her out on a date a few weeks back and she was REALLY excited, she is now reconsidering going out with me and she is killing our friendship by being distant and not messaging me. She says it's because she's going through some past emotions due to a guy that hurt her really bad last summer. She also doesn't think it would work in the long run because my personality is opposite of hers, but she knew this already when I asked her out and when she said she would never get tired of me, so I call compete bs on this. I'm the only guy that has ever given her the loyalty and trust she deserves, so I'm backing off and not gonna message her at all for awhile in hopes of her realizing what she lost. Will this work? We've known each other for a year and a half and she never complained then, so I'm fairly confident she will come around.


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  • Your are so young and, I'm sorry but, immature.

    You don't truly know how others have treated her you only know her version of events. She's hot and cold with you. Those 2 things are enough of a red flag that you should run screaming. You will be the next "bad" boyfriend that some other guy will be rescuing her from. Don't fall for the damsel in distress drama. If someone says no just accept it and move on. Fighting with "no means no" is always the wrong approach.

    Seriously this is so much drama waitint to happen. She's NEVER going to come around she's always going to have a problem. As women we are told you can't change a man. Well, you can't change a woman either.

  • I can understand her point of view, I was once in the same situation, she may be being distant and all, simply because... she's either not used to being respected as a person by a male in a romantic way... OR because she may be scared it's one of those "Too good, to be true" type of things. it could be a number of things.. My advice? Don't force yourself on her. just let her know, from afar, that you're always gonna be there for her. You said Y'all have been friends for a year and a half, correct? Another explaination, could possibly be that she's scared it might ruin y'alls friendship, maybe? it could be a number of things, but I'd say.. try not to over analyze or involve other people that actually know you or her.. You wouldn't want anyone to tear your friendship/bond with her apart. Like I said, just be there for her, from afar. Only Time can reveal ones true self. Good luck ! I hope this helps...

    • Also REMEBER everything happens for a reason.

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    • Yes we've been good friends... I told her I still wanna be friends with her but also that I will be open to trying at least one date, she said she would think about it and that's the last thing she said (a few days ago). Next time we talk I will let her know I will always be there for her. Thanks for the advice and I do believe everything happens for a reason.

    • you're welcome. and best of luck, to you both.

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