Should my girlfriend be talking to her ex?

SO long story short, my girlfriend and I attended a weekend long event out of town together and we happened to run into her ex. She was afraid this would happen and beforehand was worried that she would run into this guy that she hates so much. Of course we are a little tipsy when this happens and they might as well have been the only ones in the room after they bumped into each other because for the next 5 minutes I was pretty much ignored as well as the other group members. After their brief chat he invited us all up to drink in his room and my girlfriend wanted to go. I declined though and our group went on our way. Throughout the next two days, my girlfriend kept on hinting at how we should go drink with her ex, until I got sick of it and basically told her for the final time I would not be drinking with her ex and that if she wanted to then she could but I was not going to join her. So we go off and drink with my friends. Later on the second night she is missing for a good hour, not answering the phone or anything and comes back with punch that she supposedly got from a old high school friend who she happened to run into in the hallway. I am damn sure that she went to see her ex. What should I do.


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  • Cant be friends with an ex, get tempted, leads to sex, of friends with benefits arrangmetn, can't get over them and move on...


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