Does he still care or is he taking advantage?

Me and my ex broke up last week. We didn't talk for days and he acted very distant (expected of course). The other night he texted me saying he missed me and invited me out to a bar. His friends had stood him up and he was hurt and ended up crying because they were ignoring/mistreating him - I held him while he cried, and he told me he loved me a few times and thanked me for being there. He almost kissed me so i kissed him first then he gave into it without hesitation.
Thing is he mentioned us not having much of a romantic future (used to talk about me being his wife), had been spotty or won't text me for the whole day when he usually would, and ended up leaving last night with his friends who ignored him when he could have spent time with me, who he said himself is the only person who is a REAL friend in his life. His actions are very confusing to me and I don't know what to think of it. I am still in love with him but don't want to be hurt or have any expectations, but he did kiss me, hug me, act intimate, and told me he loved me? But he didn't really text me today the day after? What is going on?


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  • need more information , why did you guys break up?

    • Cause he's Christian and can't have sex til marriage randomly even tho we've had sex for years so I'm not willing to give that up. And also on my end cause he can treat me not well

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    • How does it sound like that?

    • let me be absolutely clear , he is manipulating you to go back to him.. he is acting vulnerable as he knows girls like that about guys , he invented a sob story about his friends , in between he is also playing hard to get. He knows you still love him & if you go back to him after a break up he will have the upper hand.

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