How can I make my ex happy?

Dear all, I'm sorry first of all. I'll try to be honest. I would like to get honest replies.

Me and a girl were close friends. We started dating and eventually liked each other a lot. We even had sex partially.

Later I felt things won't be so good if I'm with her. She's from some other language and I felt won't be happy with me in my state. I know I'm being dumb here. But thought it as a practical decision.

So I told her let's be good friends as earlier. She couldn't take it completely. She still loved me but said ok not to hurt me.

She should have got hurt badly. I want to keep her happy but don't know if my presence will hurt her more. Can I make her feel better by anyway. please tell me.


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  • U told a girl who is really into u that u don't want to be with her, yes u have good reason s but she must be upset cause she is into u, being friends with people u might possibly love but can't have is so hard so I think u should leave her alone for a while so she can come to terms with the situation

    • Cool. Hope she gets back normal.

What Guys Said 2

  • Which country are you from?

    • India

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    • Okay, in case you are aware NE has a bit of different social culture than south. In fact Manipur, Mizoram or other states have female dominated society unlile Tn, Kar, AP /Ts or Kerala.

      And they also feel they are ignored by the people from the rest of the country. So you have to talk positive about their culture, and am not sure which city you are into, BLR or HYD has lot of NE joints, take her to one of these joints at times.

    • Thank you.

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