Did you and your high school boyfriend/girlfriend break up when you left for college?

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  • Yes, but it wasn't related to leaving for college
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  • No, because we didn't move that far away from each other
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  • No, despite moving far away from each other
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  • I don't have a girlfriend in high school ( i am ugly i think) b i have seen some couples who are still together after years of high school less percentage but there are some


Most Helpful Girl

  • When I got accepted to college he was very happy for me. We decided to make it work because we loved each other and we wanted to make it work. When I went away to college we called each other at least 3 times a day & texted. Over time it started to get boring.. only seeing him once a month , I couldn't kiss him or hug him when I needed him. The distance was a strain on our relationship. After two years of the distance we decided to break up but we are still friends.. sort of


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  • I'm pretty sure MOST guys get broken up with when their girlfriend goes to college.

    She already checked "high school sweetheart" off her list, now she's going to check off, "college boys," and "hot professor" all in one swoop.

    Girls have very long checklists, and from age 14-30, they have to check off dozens, sometimes hundreds of guys before their looks start to fade and they have to look at themselves in the mirror, see that first wrinkle and go, "I'm ready for a stable provider now."

    They all know they've only got to stay married seven years to get the maximum amount, and then they'll be able to afford a man. A REAL man! Or a new one every day!





    • You can't assume all girls are like that because you've never had a good experience with one

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    • Fun fact: I actually asked this question because my high school boyfriend broke up with ME because i was going 400 miles away for college and he didn't want to do long distance, I was the one totally willing to do a long distance relationship.

    • He broke up with you before you could break up with and/or cheat on him. He's heard the stories. We all have. Men have the internet now, we can talk about all the nasty tricks women use, and it's amazing how many millions of men have the exact same stories about women.

      This generation is going to be a turning point in History. Women are being exposed for what they are, and for what they aren't.


  • Still in high and i've never had one.


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