Do u think she will for give me and how can I make it up to her?

So I have this friend I really like her well after weeks of being affectionate to her she let me make love to her so I told her I would not say any thing to any one at work so I felt like I had to Sher with some one that all my hard work had payed off so I told one of my friends and I told him not to say shit and I made him promise but wtf dose he do he runs his moth to the one person I told him not to knowing this person was. A total doosh bag and herring I got with her he was going to try to... so he whent up to her at work laying it all out... now she mad at me Cas I trusted this one guy who f me over smh some f friend


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  • Give her time.
    Time breaks everything.
    Don't contact them for 1 month at least


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