I messed up, and caused her to doubt me and our relationship?

So been seeing this girl for 6 months, she has her flaws but is perfect for me and I accept her as she is. When we first met, we instantly hit it off and i was blown away. We had many great nights out.

However I have just started my own business, which drain me financially at the moment, but is only temporary. So mid Jan things started getting tough, and I worried it would affect our relationship. I explained my situation but not having had to deal with this sort of thing before... well I got may things wrong. My insecurity and self doubt, led me to become so wrapped up in negativity that I lost sight of many things. I acted poorly 3 times, but more then that i was chilled or my normal self I became reactional and full of self need. Not the guy she met. after the last incident 4 weeks ago, she needed space it was a difficult time, for both of us... I should never have put her in that position. We spoke, saw each other a few times and she would tell me she was confused. She really liked me but didn't know if we were right now and was worried this would be a cycle. To be honest I can't keep saying sorry, I know what I need to do. However we broker up. I wrote her a letter accepting I had been a fool and on reflection over the last 4 weeks, I can see just how silly I have been.. I just got myself all worked up. And lost the best things that happened to me.

So she ignored that letter. However I reached out to her yesterday her reply was warm and nice and I replied. She replied today saying sorry she hadn't gotten back to me and hoped I had, had a good day.

Now I know I have a lot of doubt to over come, Im being very mindful of her and how she must be feeling. I know she has feelings for me and before I messed up we had had an amazing day.

Whats peoples thoughts on the chances of sorting things out?


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  • what did you do?

    • I just let things get to me, in turn I wasn't always mindful of her needs... reacted to things that wouldn't usually bother me. Walk out in her, really for no reason other than I was feeling crappy. I'm doing muchbetter now I've taken stock.

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  • just talk about it your both human or spontaneously buy flowers go to her house give them to get informing her that you have arranged a meal at a restaurant and then proceed with that after that is finished go some where fun such as an arcade and have a laugh then take her back to your where you have prepared candles ready to be lit around the room and her favourite movie ready to play with both of your fave snacks

    • If only it were so simple, we have broken up. Last week I could've done that, when she was in a more unsure state. But that changed, when she broke it off. To be honest I'm surprised she has replied to me at all, yes she should be supportive.. however I didn't make things easy, what's worse is that she had been let down in the past. We do get in really well and always have a good time. I think it's a bit early for knocking on doors and whisking people away. However, I like being spontaneous and would like to get to a point that I can. We spoke for 3 weeks, she couldn't just walk away but wasn't sure enough to stay. She was right that it couldn't go on like that.

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    • Yeah I've done that, taken her out. She had a good time then ended as she isn't sure about me after what's happened. I have acted poorly, not aggressive or anything like that. I just wasn't very mindful of her and acted an idiot. I've not been in this sort of situation before. I think I'll send something Monday, go from there. Surely she'd just say come get your things and don't contact me, rather then these texts if nothing was there for her.

    • she would probably just block you tbh just give her some space and just be romantic

  • She should be supportive of u too dont be so tough on urself


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