I messed up, and caused her to doubt me and our relationship?

So been seeing this girl for 6 months, she has her flaws but is perfect for me and I accept her as she is. When we first met, we instantly hit it off and i was blown away. We had many great nights out.

However I have just started my own business, which drain me financially at the moment, but is only temporary. So mid Jan things started getting tough, and I worried it would affect our relationship. I explained my situation but not having had to deal with this sort of thing before... well I got may things wrong. My insecurity and self doubt, led me to become so wrapped up in negativity that I lost sight of many things. I acted poorly 3 times, but more then that i was chilled or my normal self I became reactional and full of self need. Not the guy she met. after the last incident 4 weeks ago, she needed space it was a difficult time, for both of us... I should never have put her in that position. We spoke, saw each other a few times and she would tell me she was confused. She really liked me but didn't know if we were right now and was worried this would be a cycle. To be honest I can't keep saying sorry, I know what I need to do. However we broker up. I wrote her a letter accepting I had been a fool and on reflection over the last 4 weeks, I can see just how silly I have been.. I just got myself all worked up. And lost the best things that happened to me.

So she ignored that letter. However I reached out to her yesterday her reply was warm and nice and I replied. She replied today saying sorry she hadn't gotten back to me and hoped I had, had a good day.

Now I know I have a lot of doubt to over come, Im being very mindful of her and how she must be feeling. I know she has feelings for me and before I messed up we had had an amazing day.

Whats peoples thoughts on the chances of sorting things out?
I messed up, and caused her to doubt me and our relationship?
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