What is this? I can't tell if I'm chasing her or am I doing the right thing. HELP?

My ex and I have broken up 8 time and we only been in a relationship for a month. Right now I'm trying to build what we didn't have before cause we jumped into the relationship on the first day. Means communication and being considerate and show you care for each other.

Right now everything seems to be the same. Fight, the agueing the stress, the worry, the confusion.

But something doesn't add up to me because the thing she tells me I can see she show remorse for certain things. Before she meet me she did heavy drugs and tells me today she had a chance but did never happened today cause of what I told her to never go back.

It's confusing, at one time I can see that she cares, but others I can't. Feels like she doesn't care then. I ask her if I asked her out would she say yes? She said I don't know and I know enough about her when she says I don't know it manly means yes in this type of question.

I'm so confused? Should I give up or keep trying? HELP!!!


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  • That surely sounds very confusing. I think you should stop the guessing and simply talk to her. Communication is EVERYTHING


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