Anything I can do to make a soon to be divorced friend happier?

So my closest guy friend is going through a divorce. We do care about each other more than friends, but right now with the divorce it's best we're just friends. He has too much on his plate already adding me to the equation would be way way too much for him. Which I totally understand. We just have a bond. I've been knowing him for over 5 years!
His soon to be ex wife is being really nasty with him. For example she committed fraud under his name recently.
He's emotionally tired/depressed he's told me just that. This fraud really is taking a lot out of him lately on top of his divorce. Which why wouldn't it.
I'm just having a lot of trouble not knowing how to be there for him other than telling him it's gonna be okay. Lately I know when to give him his space and when to talk. He's been really open with me lately. He tells me he doesn't want to talk about things then he ends up opening up to me without me telling him to talk about things. I have told him numerous times if he needs somebody to talk to I'm always here for him, just leave that open ended for him.
Not to make any of this about me, but it really does hurt me to see the person I care about so hurt all the time and there's nothing I can do or say to make it better. If I could take away his pain and frustrations I would do just that. He doesn't deserve this bullshit. Like why him of all people. I guess you go through things to make you stronger, I don't know.

He's just so down lately :( it kills me. I try to lift his spirit and he's just not having it.

So any tips/advice to give me would be amazing.

Thank you :) have a good weekend❤
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Thanks I think I'm gonna invite him out for a beer. He needs to get out the house and have fun. He deserves it that's for sure.

He told me he's been worried sick about the whole fraud situation. He's definitely not himself. He tends to shut me out when he's stressed out, but I always tell him I'm here for him if he needs anything. I really hope I'm being a good friend cause I really do try.

Well thanks for hearing me vent :) I guess it's easier to talk to strangers sometimes.
Anything I can do to make a soon to be divorced friend happier?
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