Is it normal to feel regret after a break up?

I thought this was my "soulmate" we were even engaged for a few years but we called that off a few months before we broke up. Anyways, he was a total jerk, I wasn't happy and he wasn't happy so I left. When i first left he said he had been over us before we broke up and it hurt a lot to hear him say that. I went through all the stages after a break up, and he's just realizing that he misses me. Were not getting back together too much has happened in the 3 months that weve broken up. But I feel regret about breaking it off. I think this is normal but he was my first serious relationship and i freaking loved him. I always think that we could have worked out if i had tried harder but then i think about what a jerk he had been and then he told me i was supposed to be the one he would spend his whole life with and I don't know i just think a lot about how this could have worked out but eveything happens for a reason so i figured its for the best, but i hate this feeling of regret. Any advice?


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  • I've been regretting things I did, things I did not do, things I didn't even think of until much later. I knew she was unhappy, but I did not know she was unhappy with me. I must have been in dat river in Egypt. Denial. If I could find another special someone, I probably could stop beating myself up. People have been telling me to move on with my life.
    Just wanted to share.

    • your post is tripping me out because you sound just like him. Thanks for the advice im trying to move on but its so hard to not think about how i could have done things differently,.

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