If love is just an illusion to give hope, why do we humans fall hack in a mainstream routine?


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  • The first jitters of love are chemical, hormonal but allow the foundation for something more profound to take place. It's much more than an illusion, spend enough time loving someone and you'll synchronize more in mind, body and soul. That's the deep lasting relationship that you're looking for

    • but that's not love that's a friendship based on a lot of trust and sacredness,
      maybe I'm wrong, but for on my experience hmmm
      but I love the other sides of opinion
      Iets continue

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    • friendship based on trust and sacredness

    • OK
      the subject is very complex
      but I love thank you all for the opinion exchange it was fun

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  • I don't know what you mean.

    • I mean
      we say
      I love you etc
      but is it really love or just another illusion from the brain so his man can live among each other
      and its getting very interesting

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  • It's what you believe or you're significant other believes.

    Love is unique, yet we confused it with sexual desire!

    • oh this has nothing to do with sex
      it about
      is it an illusion or not
      and most say no but I strongly believe that it is

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    • hhahaha
      I don't
      I don't believe inlove
      and I'm strickly OK with myself and that combination

    • I believe in honesty & good deeds.

      For the love thing? Depends on the connection I have with the girl I go out with.

      But falling in love fast, not for me no thanks sir.

  • It is not an illusion but a state of mind where we are able to tolerate a person's worst with so much hope we expect our influence will help change it

    • so what would you call that exactly
      because getting tricked by Ines body and brain without knowing it is an illusion, the perfectcillusion.
      don't you think

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    • unfortunately THAT is the trick. Not real love. there is no illusion in real love. Simply put in real love I'd let my partner check my messages

    • OK
      thank you for your opinion sharing

  • love is not an illusion at all. we can't help what we feel

    • I's that so
      well I have to say you are wrong
      we can
      the brain is a learning thing which can block and adapt
      so why is itvnot possible to reproduce a feeling and changing it in something else
      "try taking LSD and then we can talk again"
      no don't that :)...
      don't do that

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    • I never said anything against your opinion but I posted on my experience. Anyway good luck

    • thank you

  • love is not an illusion to give hope.
    fashion is an illusion to give hope or marriage, or religion or nations.
    but love is never a religion

    • it does give hope
      it the only thing that actually keep human beings together in some way
      everything else tears it apart
      race, skin colour, religion, opinions etc

    • yes but It's no illusion

  • Because we are biologically hard wired for it. Survival of the species and all that.

    • so you say illusion

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    • It's just that whenever we fall in love we think he/she is the right one and sooner or later we find out that that is not true. The more often we fall in love and fall out of love we get disillusioned. This doesn't mean that you should not love anymore. Just enjoy the feeling, don't fool yourself that it will last forever and be prepared for when it ends.

    • well I don't believe it
      I'm OK
      I know and believe from experience it's all an illusion
      from A-Z

  • because we are idiots

  • I don't believe that love is an illusion.

    • My observations throughout life. Seeing my Father and Mother... And if love was an illusion then people would not be willing to lay their life down for their Wife or Husband, and many millions have done that throughout history.

    • OK
      I understand

  • wtf girl.

  • because hope gives us the thought of hope.. who doesn't want hope?

    • I don't
      I don't want to hold on to something that isn't 100%
      the calculation is a failaiur
      and this is why I hate my brain sometime, its so stuck to the usual its hard to see the diffrenciee
      very complex I have to say

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    • yeah you're def. depressed, and now you're lashing out because you can't handle the truth. it's all signs of depression

    • how sad you are
      you amuse me so bad you wouldn't know

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