Ex has moved on? I feel sad?

I loved her more than she loved me.

I guess things didn't work out, we had mainly communication problems/misunderstanding each other... I thought we really liked each other but I guess It got too much... Plus she talked to lots of guys.

Anyways, I saw her today, she looked so beautiful, she's getting promotions at work and has a new boyfriend... She seems so happy...

It was all a surge of emotions for me, I actually cried a bit...

I've had no luck with dating, no girl wants me :(

I can't get over her.


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  • I wonder if your sadness comes from the fact that she moved on and you haven't had success moving on (no luck with dating while she has a new boyfriend). And if that's the case, you more likely also miss being in a relationship as much as or perhaps even more than you actually miss her.

    How long as it been since you guys broke up? People get over relationships at different speeds. Perhaps you just need more time.

    • I do miss her, it's been a while actually maybe a year :(

    • I miss talking to her and being a part of her life

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