Why do men/guys cheat with less attractive women?

This is not always the case, but I've noticed and friends of mine have noticed, that when a guy has cheated on us or strayed, it might be with a girl who's either not as attractive as we are, or just downright physically unattractive all together.

And yes I'm aware that personality is a huge factor and that's probably the main reason it happens but I want to focus on the physical.

If you use the poll, provide an answer too please. There's probably no right or wrong answer but it's just interesting nonetheless.

***AND NO this is not about feeling better about myself or trying to put people down for certain traits they may have, this is a simple question of fact, because it does tend to happen and I'm sure I'm not the only one curious as to why.

The girls tend to be a little more desperate and easy.
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They have features we like and don't want to admit to our girlfriends that we do.
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We just want whatever we can get in the moment of cheating.
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It's more complicated than these poll answers.
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The question is simple because it's a simple idea. It's something I've observed from friends and from random people I don't know and when guys have admitted that the girl was less attractive than their actual partner, it makes me wonder more.

Why do men/guys cheat with less attractive women?
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