Why do men/guys cheat with less attractive women?

This is not always the case, but I've noticed and friends of mine have noticed, that when a guy has cheated on us or strayed, it might be with a girl who's either not as attractive as we are, or just downright physically unattractive all together.

And yes I'm aware that personality is a huge factor and that's probably the main reason it happens but I want to focus on the physical.

If you use the poll, provide an answer too please. There's probably no right or wrong answer but it's just interesting nonetheless.

***AND NO this is not about feeling better about myself or trying to put people down for certain traits they may have, this is a simple question of fact, because it does tend to happen and I'm sure I'm not the only one curious as to why.

  • The girls tend to be a little more desperate and easy.
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  • They have features we like and don't want to admit to our girlfriends that we do.
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  • We just want whatever we can get in the moment of cheating.
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  • It's more complicated than these poll answers.
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The question is simple because it's a simple idea. It's something I've observed from friends and from random people I don't know and when guys have admitted that the girl was less attractive than their actual partner, it makes me wonder more.


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  • I think guys that cheat usualy look for the easiest women they can find. What ever they can get away with. But that's just my 2 cents.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I think most men that cheat do it for the thrill and excitement it makes rather than the looks. Or there's the possibility that there was something about that person that they liked better.

  • it has nothing to do with attractiveness.

    you might think another woman is unattractive, but a man might think she is sexy.

    • That kind of contradicted itself. Explain?

    • Sorry, they were 2 seperate comments.

      1) It doesn't matter how Attractive the girl is, guys will cheat with the majority of willing women, if they really want to cheat.

      2) I was just making a comment on what you said. As a female, you might see another female as unattractive, but a male might see her as being sexy. There is a difference between attractive and sexy. It might be the way she carries herself, or her attitude which makes her appealing. Hope you understand where I'm coming from.

    • Yep I do. I did at first but I just wanted to make sure what I thought you said and what you were saying were the same, and they were. Thanks for the input :]

  • only jerks cheat


What Girls Said 2

  • Attractiveness is subjective.

    • Of course it is, that's why you put yourself in the situation of the question (hypothetically) and answer it based on what you believe or think it to be.

    • Yeah, I chose B because just because you and your friends thought these girls were unattractive does not mean that your partner who cheated with them does.

    • Not my partner, just girls who've been in this siatuation in general. And seeing polls from other places where this question was asked often made me want to ask the same question to a larger audience. Now I have the chance. Thanks for your input.

  • ugly girls will do anything for a guy that's out of her league


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