Do you think this is immature for a woman?

Me and my ex broke up a couple of months ago. Long story short she went behind my back and started an argument so she could go on a trip with her ex ( i caught her talking to him before and she promised it wasn't going to happen again). I flipped out obviously got mad, called her names, etc. I know I didn't handle it the best but she willingly started a fight to breakup and not tell me she was going on a trip.

Last time i saw her on Valentines. So over 2 months now. We've texted once since then. She has me blocked on every social media and even had my number blocked for a while, even though she was the cause of the majority of the problems in our relationship (shes 6 years older than me at 29). I feel like she does it just to make herself feel better and put the blame on me because i reacted that way. She never even apologized although she said it wasn't right.
Do you think this is immature for a woman?
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