Broke up with me and won't talk to me, no fight, suddenly very cold to me, why would she do this?

I know most people will say rebound, but I'm needing to figure out more than that. After 6 months together, she suddenly broke up with me. I understood, she needed therapy, going through a hard divorce with a man that manipulated and cheated on her for years.

we were back together within a month, with an understanding of slowing things down. We saw each other much less, I was being supportive to her, and limited my affection, eventually the affection started increasing again, and after 2 months we started having sex again. It was back to a point we would kiss when we saw each other, things were comfortable again, we still kept time limited, 2-3 hours a week.

we finally decided for her to come over for a night, first time in months. Evening was awesome, i talked to her about if she was happy with how often we were seeing each other, she said she was.

next morning she went home at the planned time, things were still great. 4 days later I got a text breaking things off, my house key was mailed to me with a short letter saying she needed to focus on herself and that she felt at this point we shouldn't be in contact. I sent her some texts trying to figure out what was wrong and asked to talk, she said we could. Then she backed out of it, saying she didn't feel comfortable with it. Suddenly she's saying that we weren't right for each other, talking about how we always have intentions, and that mine for a full relationship were coming out, that she needed to be alone and I didn't understand. So much came out like something a psych would say.

suddenly, there was no emotion in any texts, no apologies. I'm confused, it's like a different person, I've kept her on FB, suddenly she's not even posting anything on there. I did send a number of texts, was trying to understand, her responses were so cold, like she didn't care or was angry. I'm very hurt over it because I've had no idea what happened. After a year, I don't see how she could change all of a sudden


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  • Maybe after the breakup she really just needed someone to be with her. She needed someone to depend on. She probably felt so alone after he left. Even people who are treated bad feel alone when their partner leaves. After awhile she realized she wasn't ready for a relationship and needs to be alone. If you keep texting her it will push her away because she'll be bothered. She hasn't cut all ties, she has you on FB and didn't block your number. Give her alone time. Let her heal. Maybe she'll write you and if she doesn't in say maybe a few weeks to a month write her one more time. If she doesn't reply then it might be time to move on. I know it hurts but not all relationships last because of certain reasons. Just wait awhile and if it doesn't work out then it wasn't mean to be. There are plenty of other women in the world. Good luck.

    • That's what I'm working on, coming up on day 3 without being in touch, though I'm worried. I wonder how she's feeling, if she misses me, if I'm on her mind at all, maybe second guessing her decision.

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